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Laughing Stock Productions and Buxstock
Design of promotional material for The Comedy Orphans. Posters, press ads and 16pp program.
fair go

Mere Mortals Theatre
Design of promotional material for Sabrina D'Angelo's beautiful puppet show, Fin at Melbourne and Adelaide Fringe Festivals.
Illustration by Sabrina D'Angelo.
fair go

RMIT Legal Service
Design, layout and type-setting of a 110-page publication – a guide to legal services for university students.
fair go

Layout design and finished art of Melbourne-based zine, ‘RE:FLUX – In Defence of Taste and Decency’

Metropolitan Ambulance Service
Design and layout of the MAS Annual Plan. Designed by Tammy for CCG.
Ambulance Service

Shell Card
Design of icons and layout of the Shell Truck-Friendly Network A1 map. Designed by Tammy for Ready, Set, Go!
shell map


screen web
corporate identity
album artwork
t-shirt design

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